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The strawberries are ripening with lots more to come, but if you especially want some now, let me know. Also, new this week: Bonus Oriental Leaves – one bag for 75p.

Red oakleaf and frilly red lettuces are ready now and we still have lots of spring onions. This week we are offering bonus bags of both at last year’s prices. Bonus Lettuce: one for £1 and Bonus Spring Onions: one bunch for £1. Get them while they last!

We are also picking coriander from this week and new Oriental leaves are ready too. Look out for the bright light green leaves of Tokyo bekana, the dark green spoon-shaped leaves of Yukina savoy, as well as green, red and purple mizunas and mustards. This year we are experimenting with picking some of these as whole plants rather than just leaves. The aim is to give you the added nutritional benefit of crisp stems, leaf stalks and sometimes also buds and flowers.

Two unusual herbs are ready now. The savoury flavour of lovage is good in salads, fish and chicken dishes, and you can use lemon balm in the same way. You can also use a few of the lemony leaves to make a relaxing tea. If you would like to try either or both, let me know.

From our own tunnels: we are picking radishes, lettuces, coriander, Tokyo bekana, Yukina savoy, red mizuna, green mizuna, frilly and wavy mustard leaves, spring onions, lovage, lemon balm, rocket, flat leaf parsley, rhubarb, Swiss chard, rainbow chard and chives.

We also have British apples, mushrooms, leeks, white onions, carrots and potatoes. The potatoes are Ambo from west Cumbria.

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