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The Plastics Problem

As you know, the bulk of our produce is delivered loose in wooden crates and cardboard boxes that get re-used as much as possible until they fall apart. They are then sent for recycling.

The only plastic packaging we use is polythene bags for salad leaves and other leafy greens to keep them fresh. We have tried to use paper bags for this but (especially in the summer) the leaves tend to wilt too quickly and make the bags soggy. We have also looked into using bags that claim to be biodegradable - however, there seem to be doubts over the real benefits of these.

They use a lot of energy to make and they can't be recycled - which is a problem if they get mixed up with plastic intended for re-cycling.

How we approach this depends on how you feel about it. We can supply your leafy greens with no packaging, which might work if you put them in a container and refrigerate them on delivery. Alternatively, we can pack your leafy greens in polythene bags without sealing them so you can re-use the bags or return them to us. Or we can stick to what we do now. Do let us know if you have any preferences. We are always open to suggestions on how best to tackle the packaging problem so tell us if there is something else we can do.

We're giving our greens a rest!: We have a new supply of winter vegetables direct from an organic farm in Scotland as well as all our usual supplies from down south. However, our own produce needs to rest for a month or two. So you might find your favourites are off the menu for now. Our polytunnels help a lot with difficult Cumbrian gr

owing conditions but light levels all last autumn were unusually low and so a lot of our crops were smaller than normal going into the winter.

Also: we have organic Seville oranges from Ave Maria farm at £3.10 per kg.

Apple juice production is in full swing and we have lots available every week. Why not place a regular order: 750 ml bottle for £3.30. Our Red Topaz, Rajka and Herefordshire Russet apples are still available. Bonus Apples to add to your regular box (fruit or veg) are £2 per kg. English and Scottish winter vegetables available now are: leeks, swedes, Brussels sprouts, parsnips, celeriac, beetroot, red onions, white onions, various squashes, red cabbages, white cabbages and green cabbages.

Bonus offers to add to your regular order

BONUS APPLES: £2 per kg. They will be finished soon so get them while you can.

GENERAL BONUS BAG: Choose any item we supply (fruit or veg) and as long as supplies allow, we’ll bring you a bag of it weighing more than you would normally get for the price. £2 a bag. As long as we have the produce, you can have as many General Bonus Bags as you like.

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